Learn how it works. It is important to understand how the program works. Montessori program teaches children to be confident and self-reliant. The Montessori system is learning-centered and provides students with knowledge about the world through a solid academic base.

The school day typically begins at 8 am and runs until approximately 3 PM. Parents drop off the students between 8-8:30 in the morning. Teachers greet them with friendly greetings. Students arrive at the beginning of each circle to discuss their calendars and weather. They sing when teachers teach the learning concept during the course of the day. Students have the freedom to pick their own work. They perform it on their own with the help of classmates as well as under the guidance of a teacher’s instructions.

They create words and sounds from the alphabet, create shapes and textures, practice the art of conversation, and perform simple cleaning tasks. In the breaks snack time, the kids eat their meals. They eat on the table or on a mat. They clean after eating and head to the playground. In the final circle, they review every lesson of the day. Then each child gets prepared and returned to the parent at 3 pm. ujkg6zzp61.