A sq meter of asphalt shingle can cost at least $100. This square could be upwards of $150 at times. Asphalt roof shingles manufacturers may offer bundles of asphalt shingles.
Complete bundles of top 30 year architectural shingles are likely to be less expensive than the squares. Metallic shingles are sold in bundles that cost between $100 and $600. For a square of metallic shingle, it costs $300-$1,800. The price of wooden bundles of shingles is about $160 for each piece. Many reviews of architectural shingles will contain an expense comparison as an individual reviewer may not find the price to be reasonable.
They will often review how long-lasting the shingles were. Reviewers will generally contain a rating of flame resistance as well as wind resistance. You will be able to identify the most durable new shingles with ease. Residential roofing services can install different types of roofing shingles. rwrfcnlxq6.