This video will show you how to present birthday bouquets to someone special.

Below are some points you should keep in mind before you brighten up your day with gorgeous bouquets and wonderful scents. First, think about your recipient’s favourite colors and styles of flowers.

When you are working with flowers it’s important not to cause harm to the stems. Be sure to cut the stems at an upward angle. Make sure there’s a focal point (typically the front part). In contrast, place the colors on the side except if you’re planning for a pizza-like arrangement. Mixing and matching colors adds the visual aspect.

When you’re done be sure to get rid of guard petals from the stems. Make sure to wrap your bouquet in a pretty ribbon or tissue paper and include a nice note.

Finally, if you plan to place them in a vase the vase with florist foam or water-soaked sponge. The best way to organize them in the container is to start with the longest stems towards the centre and then move them outwards. jcy1btbzkp.