Metal roofs, as an example, can last 50-60 years, with minimal maintenance however, asphalt shingles could only last for 20 to 25 years in similar conditions. A lot of them come with warranty coverage that covers replacement for damage caused by hail, fire and winds. If you’re in a region where harsh weather is common, you should look for products that are robust to breaking and tear, even if they are more expensive initially.

Roofs and floors can accumulate more dirt than others. For example, asphalt shingles tend to be less dirtier, however they may be blown away in strong winds and need to be replaced regularly. Based on the type of metal roof you choose, they usually require very little maintenance for 20 years after.

For cleaning instructions, refer to the manual of the manufacturer. For example, you could wash your roof with water from the garden hose once every couple of months and dusting each month. Floors with less obstructions, like rocks and dirt need less care, which in turn means they are more affordable to keep clean.

Although some flooring might need to be kept in good condition, for example, stripping or refinishing periodically however, other floorings will be used for many years with no necessity to be replaced or cleaned. Consider high-traffic areas like hallways and entranceways. These areas can result in floors wearing faster as opposed to other spaces within your house.

Although a variety of laminate and wood floors can cost more initially however, they are also known to last longer and don’t require yearly refinishing. Floors made of tile and marble might be beautiful, but both are susceptible to cracking when they are frequent use by users who throw things onto they all the time. Vinyl tiles can be extremely tough however some people find them bland.

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