The following are frequently requested questions about golf.

Does it make sense to pay for the country club’s membership?

It depends. The courses could be a great fit if you’re already an experienced golfer. If you’re new to the game and want to start getting a feel for the game, consider taking a swing on one of the absolutely gorgeous golf courses for public use like Pinehurst or Pebble Beach that don’t require fees or membership.

Which are the best websites for selling excellent golf equipment?

Many of us ask, “Where can I find the best golf gear websites,” or “Where can find the top golf shops in america,” or our favorite “What are the most popular golf sites on the internet.” We recommend sticking with local pros who offer individual advice, particularly if you are just getting started. Once you’ve got an idea of what equipment you’ll need and what you’re searching for, it’s easy to identify the best internet golf websites. They’ll provide the items you’re seeking and at a reasonable price. cg52s31vh6.