The typical police officer on a police force is an American citizen, working to safeguard and serve his or her communities. However, there is current a belief that police are abusing their power. The reason for this is that many officers simply are not in a position to tell their own side of the truth.

The impression may be that there’s no way to stop these falsehoods yet, this is not an actual fact. It’s possible to stop the spread of lies by making them truthful. It is for this reason that police must use the top dash cameras as well as body cameras. Although it is intuitive that being able to record interactions with people would help to show the true face of police in America however, statistics show it as well: according to Pew Research Center 93% of the American public favor using dash cameras or body cameras to capture interactions with their fellow citizens along with two thirds of police officers. A car camera system is only going to assist police in ensuring that justice is done and that our community is safe. fh728qn344.