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Weddings are days of celebration. This is a chance to bond with the ones you love most as well as enjoying delicious food items and stunning objects. It’s also a chance to show off your creative side. Let us help you design your outdoor reception. Here are a few simple backyard wedding ideas to help you get started.

1. Select a Theme

You should have your individual touch to the celebration in your backyard. Select a theme you love and build your d├ęcor around it. Here’s a comprehensive analysis of some of the themes you may want to think about.

A. Rustic

If you’re thinking of having a rustic backyard reception for your wedding, begin by choosing the color scheme. Consider using natural colors like green, white, or brown. Then, add a pop of color into the wedding attire, or your flowers. Mason jars are a must for any event that has a rustic feel. Then fill them with wildflowers and candles and arrange them around your reception venue. String lights are a must! The lights will bring a romantic touch for your rustic wedding reception.

B. Bohemian

Consider a basic colour scheme to create a boho-chic outdoor wedding reception. The palette can be based on pastels, whites and creams. For added texture, you can use burlap and lace. Macrame can also be a favorite choice for bohemian weddings. Integrate it into your wedding decor by hanging it on trees or use it as the table runners. Candles, lanterns, and fairy lights can bring romance to your space.