delivers the perfect amount of glam. Big kitchens can be overloaded with striking patterns.

5. Install New Floors

The flooring in the kitchen is typically overlooked in kitchen renovations, however it’s a great option for creating an eye-catching design accent. Having new floors installed is one of the best ideas to make a kitchen renovation that is small. A feeling of more space is created by the floor’s designs. This gives the room a timeless look. Using diagonal patterns makes your space appear larger. Consider other alternatives for flooring like hardwood or the epoxy flooring. If you’re looking to stay within a budget, then consider polishing using an experienced concrete floor polisher.

6. Organize Your Cabinets

Maintaining an excellent level of organization is crucial in small kitchens. If you’re dealing with a limited available space, it’s not possible to waste any of it or even the behind-the-scenes spaces inside the cabinets. Make sure you have spice sorting systems in place, lid organizers and risers to increase the amount of kitchen storage.

7. You are able to disguise your dishwasher

If you’re working with only a small amount of space in your kitchen cabinets the dishwasher will take up all of the available kitchen space. For a minimalist, elegant appearance, set your dishwasher below the countertops in your kitchen.

8. A Pegboard Wall could be an added feature

In order to create a focal feature, paint a pegboard with your preferred shade. Once it’s fastened then fill it with cast-iron pans, wood spoons measuring cups, and any other necessary kitchen equipment.

9. Increase Kitchen Corner Space

The unusual corners and nooks of kitchens with small spaces are a frequent feature in old houses. The unusual layouts maximize storage space in the kitchen that is small. Use every inch of space by installing open shelves in the alcoves, or installing cookers and cabinets in unused fireplaces in conjunction with your favorite kitchen backsplash ideas.

White granite countertops will liven up your kitchen.