Although it may seem simple however, the processes involved in getting from point A to B can be quite complicated. In this clip we will discuss the trucking industry.

It’s a fragmented market in the industry of trucking. The largest companies in the trucking industry have only a little percentage of the market. There is plenty of competition in order to get lower rates. But, it also means that salaries are not fixed. Most truck drivers work several jobs during the course of a year. Drivers of trucks often change job positions to obtain the highest rate of pay per mile. This is just one of the reasons for their high turnover. It is also possible for sedentary jobs to cause issues with health for truck drivers. A combination of these issues and the high turnover rate means that truck drivers are highly in demand. Companies that operate trucks face this issue as a serious issue.

Even with the drawbacks, operating has one positive advantages. Truck drivers have the opportunity to see new places every day through their mobile work environment. There is a chance to travel around every corner of this nation. However, trucking companies are trying to find ways to address the shortage of drivers. Once safety issues are resolved autonomous vehicles could be an alternative.