YouTube channel American Irrigator gives simple tips for making irrigation repairs easier.

In the course of repairs, if there is an issue it is best to dig out the affected area further to determine if other problems are present in the pipes too. Then, any problems with the irrigation system is addressed immediately to prevent future failures.

Sometime, old parts as well as “slip-fixes” which are connected to an irrigation system might require removal. It’s recommended to eliminate them and replace with more modern parts. It’s not wise not to put odd items under the ground since they might cause troubles in the near future. All pipes should be tightly sealed over all lengths.

Repairs are simple and quick. If you add too many pieces to the system can cause leaks and other issues later on. It’s easy to repair an unbroken pipe. Simply attach three pieces , rather than many. The fewer interconnecting pieces, the lower chance is there that something could go wrong.

When it comes to irrigation repair, dig a little bit more and replace the damaged parts you see, and keep repairs simple by using fewer items. j4u9uyd8du.