Light detection and ranging is also often referred to Lidar (or light detection and range) made up of lasers to determine the elevation of objects such as trees and forest. Lidar is similar in manner to sonar which is a method of mapping waterways with waves. Lidar relies on light through the laser. How does a lidar system employ lasers to gauge the quality of things? The lidar system can gather data using a variety of methods. You can collect it from the ground, or from space, or from an aircraft. The type of measurement defines the sort and kind of laser. All three elements work combination: computer, the laser and light. The laser scans all of the planet. Earth’s surface emits light waves. The energy-rich light pulses descend to the earth after which they return back to the sun. To determine distances between travel times and the speed of light, the lidar depends on the speed of light. It determines the distance that the lidar travels to reach the ground. There are many other things you may want to know about lidar. To learn more about lidar, be sure to watch the video. yye5z7bcge.