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The author discusses the ways defense lawyers can get cases against petty theft dismissal. He provides an explanation of a procedure known as diversion and its various applications. The program permits clients to do community service or enroll in classes so that they can dismiss their charges. The program is criticized by certain organisations, but there is a way around it. Attorneys discuss instances that loss prevention staff are rude and disrespectful to the client. It is because LAA is able to the power to block diverting requests.

The lawyer discusses a second method called pretrial intervention which is a program designed so that the case can be taken straight before the judge, rather than having to go through all the steps that diversion needs. The added component to the program is treatment for addiction. To make this program successful, it requires 8-12 weeks inpatient care.

If you’re having any additional questions regarding petty theft bail bonds or case dismissal programs call a local defense attorney for more details.