It’s important to get ready to participate in mediation if you’re considering divorce. Here are some useful tips.
In the case of couples who are getting ready to have divorce mediations The best way to approach it is to approach the process as a lawyer. While the purpose of mediation is to avoid the possibility of litigation and court dates The legal requirements are much the same.
The first step is to plan. When you start the divorce together with your spouse or mediator the importance of organization will be a major aspect. Are you able to provide all the documentation required? Do you have a current list of assets that need to be divided? These are crucial things to consider prior to the mediation.
Also, it is important to keep an ongoing list of any issues that require resolution. It’s possible to have discussions regarding asset division in addition to financial reconciliation and custody agreements. A mediator’s trust is vital However, they’ll not understand your relationship in particular or the goals you’re trying for unless you’re ready to discuss those issues. v9fj7ixrql.