The video below discusses long weld neck flanges. These are usually known as”nozzles. The term “LWN” is abbreviation for long weld neck or flanges. LWNs look similar to weldneck flanges. An LWN is identical to a weldneck with an extended neck that acts like an extension.

LWNs are typically used on barrels, columns as well as vessels. For barrels you can choose between two types of flanges to choose from large-duty long-weld neck flanges and the heavy-heated length weld neck bends. This particular is used most often for the gas, oil and petrochemical industry. The flanges for long weld necks cannot be used to join pipes, as opposed to other types of flanges.

Long neck flanges can be used for pipes as they’re square. For this reason, the long neck flanges for welding aren’t constructed using scheduled balls. Also, there isn’t a standard length of long neck flanges. Instead, this machine is generally built to order for each project or customer. hueg8jsp19.