You take your children for school each day, but take them home with friends. The primary responsibility of teachers as well as coaches at school is to ensure that your child is feeling as good as at the time they set out. If your child has been injured however, it could not be the fault of them. There could be a reason that the coach was texting or talking while your child was being properly supervised. If this happens the options are endless including filing a lawsuit against the school as well as the city.

First thing to consider is hiring a lawyer. States have their own tort laws. If you’re filing claims against a public institution in which case, you might need be able to pursue the case much faster than the normal time. The lawyer you choose will be in a position to assist you with this issue. As soon as you get started on forming a case against the people responsible for the injury of your child, the better it will be for them and your entire family. You now know what you need to do if your child becomes hurt while at school.