A treatment to link the room’s design. The process of installing curtains for windows, there are a few things that are worth looking out to. In this article we’ll go over how to stay clear of installing curtains for windows.

Setting the curtain rod up at an excessively low height can be a mistake. If your curtain rod is too low the curtains will make your window appear smaller. It will look less spacious if windows are smaller. To give the appearance of more space make sure you’re placing the curtain rod just about two inches higher than the window.

Another thing to make is to avoid buying curtains that aren’t large enough to fit your window. Curtains that are not wide enough may not just look bad, they may be unable to block sunlight effectively. One way to make sure this won’t happen is to take measurements of your windows in the first place, and purchase curtains that are two inches or more wide.

The two most important aspects to be aware of when installing window curtains.