The result could be injury to your dog. The well-known YouTube channel Healthy Pets lists the warning indications of bad dog boarding Kennels.

The first sign of a bad dog kennel is the fact that they are not willing to allow you to tour the facility. It is important to arrive at a time that is not announced and look around to see the place where your pet is to be kept. Are temperatures in control? Do you have beds? Where will your dog be exercising?

You are permitted to go on an unknown tour. Take note of the smells. If the place smells bad and you’re not sure if it’s safe to leave to take another tour without announcement at another pet kennel. Check out the cleaning materials in use if the kennel is clean. Check them out online to verify that they’re pet-friendly.

The kennel’s staff should ask which health certificate or vaccine paperwork they need. An unprofessional kennel won’t provide the certificates or vaccinations. Your dog will be exposed to a variety of other dogs. The risk is too high of your dog meeting the dog with an infection and becoming extremely sick, or dying. zuhh8ybcia.