If you have a child with sensory needs, there is a way to help them on a daily basis that they’ll find a lot of fun. It’s been discovered by occupational therapists that many kids benefit from daily exercise, specifically in the form of tumbling. Here’s how you can create a simple, easy tumbling space in your home for your child’s unique needs.

How to Help Your Sensory Needs Child Get the Wiggles Out.

It’s a known fact that children have an excess of energy. Exercise needs to be a regular part of every child’s day. One way a parent can ensure this for their child is to create an area in their home for bouncing and jumping around. Martial arts mats are great for this as they protect your flooring as well as little limbs. Giving your child a place to fulfill their proprioception needs can help prevent unnecessary meltdowns and outbursts.

Martial Arts Mats Protect Your Flooring.

It takes time and money to replace beat up floors. A protective cover

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