If you have a child with sensory needs, there is a way to help them on a daily basis that they’ll find a lot of fun. It’s been discovered by occupational therapists that many kids benefit from daily exercise, specifically in the form of tumbling. Here’s how you can create a simple, easy tumbling space in your home for your child’s unique needs.

How to Help Your Sensory Needs Child Get the Wiggles Out.

It’s a known fact that children have an excess of energy. Exercise needs to be a regular part of every child’s day. One way a parent can ensure this for their child is to create an area in their home for bouncing and jumping around. Martial arts mats are great for this as they protect your flooring as well as little limbs. Giving your child a place to fulfill their proprioception needs can help prevent unnecessary meltdowns and outbursts.

Martial Arts Mats Protect Your Flooring.

It takes time and money to replace beat up floors. A protective covering protects wood and tile floors from heavy items that could cause scratches and dents. A protective covering is also beneficial on carpeting as it prevents unnecessary wear and tear. Heavy items such as exercise bikes and mini trampolines cause indents in the foam carpet tiles-layer that lies beneath the top layer of carpeting. This can be avoided by a thick layer between the item and the carpet that disperses the weight evenly.

Martial Arts Mats Protect Small, Bony Limbs.

You know that children shouldn’t be rolling around on a hardwood floor, but carpeting isn’t much better either. Kids are notorious for getting rug burn from rough housing on carpet. A small play area with martial arts mats allows them to roll, bounce, and jump without worrying about minor abrasions and bruises. This lets them show off for Mom and Dad all those “cool moves” they’ve learned. As parents of kids with sensory needs know, their kids seem to have a greater propensity to try to climb the walls like Spiderman.

Sensory Kids Often Have a Greater Need to Fulfill Their Sense of Proprioception.

What is proprioception? It’s our body’s awareness of where it is in space. Kids with an imbalanced sense of proprioception are often noted as being “clumsy.” They also seem to be unable to sit still for long periods without bouncing in their seat, rocking the chair back and forth, etcetera.

A parent can help their sensory needs child by building a small area in their home. This area is best if it is out of the way, such as in a corner of their child’s bedroom or the living room. Thick padded mats are great for allowing the child to take a tumble without incurring scraps or bruises. Having a designated area for rough play is also an excellent way to teach children that play is good, but best done in appropriate areas.

It’s been well-documented by numerous occupational therapists and behavior analysts that sensory needs children benefit from regular exercise. While all children need time to play, this group of children especially benefits from frequent play breaks. Using quality martial arts mats are a basic yet essential step in creating a designated play area. They protect your flooring, prevent minor injuries, and give kids a specific place to do their rough housing. It adds up to more fun for your child, and more peace of mind for you.