But, you might find it interesting to inquire about whether your child or teen in having Invisalign or alternatives to Invisalign braces. This is the reason why clear and Comfortable Align teeth straightening does not have to be discomforting or painful. Invisalign or an alternative can work well for slight to moderate alignment problems. The best part about these products is that the makers create them from soft and clean plastic. You don’t need to tighten your aligners in case you are using Invisalign. Instead, they is required to change aligners at least once every two weeks. Experts create the aligners to adjust the teeth exactly the like braces do. However, the design in each set of aligners is altered to adjust the teeth. No screwing or tightening is necessary. Removability Aligners can be taken off which means that your child will surely love that concept. The aligners are removable to clean teeth, eat and drinking. This is a fantastic option to use for kids as they may get restless when they have to put on something. To learn more, schedule an appointment with your trusted dentist. They will also provide an aligner comparability.