To ensure productive performance fitness, strength hand dexterity, the attitude to health are crucial. One can classify the requirements for drillers in three categories: interpersonal performance and physical.
The interpersonal working conditions of well-drilled drillers is that drillers have medium interaction with colleagues. In addition, they often operate as a team where they hold the equipment. Phone calls and one-onone discussions are the most common means of communication for the drillers. Physical work conditions for the well drillers can be identified. First of all, well drillers must work outside, where they are exposed to intense sun.
Because they work in harsh environments, well drillers must put on masks, gloves and helmets. Well drilling can take place under extreme temperatures both in the winter and summer months. Drilling equipment is always clean. It is essential that well-drilled drillers have the ability to operate in tandem with the bag’s speed. Additionally, well drillers must be able to match the speed of the drill’s machinery of operations. They are accountable for the safety of themselves and their peers. pjd5w5x21l.